The Waller Property


Towards the end of 1913 an area of 2373 acres was purchased by the late Mr. Abram Corrigal Waller from Mr. E Wright who was the principal partner of a group known as the Taranaki Syndicate, who had purchased 10,300 acres from Maori in 1911. The original old house was always known as the Wright’s house.

This totally unimproved block bought by Mr. A C Waller was broken in and fenced by his son George Edward Waller. Later an adjoining farm in the A Mangatangi Block was also purchased.

The original block was subdivided by Mr. AC Waller and portions of it farmed separately by his family. His daughter, Mrs. Lill Keith and grandson Fergie were on one lot while his son George Edward Waller (Ted) and grandson Earle farmed the portion adjoining the Waller homestead which was built about 1924.

This large property was sold in recent years to three separate owners, while Ted Waller still retained his farm in the Mangatangi Block.

In 1912 Mr. George Stubbs of Waitara purchased the remainder of the

Wright Estate of 7231 acres which came to be owned by the Mangatangi Land Company.

Ted Waller in 1969.

10300 acres equals 4120 hectare.

  2373 acres equals 950 hectare.